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A. Login:

1. New user :

Step 1: Fill the details on the Sign up Page and click on ‘Start my Family File’.

Step 2: You will receive a verification mail in your inbox or spam folder.

Step 3: The verification mail shall contain a link. Click/ Go to (copy/ paste) the link. This will divert you back to and enable you to create your profile.

Step 4: Fill the various information. Fields with ‘*’ mark are to be filled mandatorily.

You have successfully created your account on Enjoy the variety of services offered by us!!!

2. Existing User :

The existing user, enter your Login ID (i.e. your Email ID) and Password to Login to your Familifile account.

B. Home:

Once you have successfully created your account, you get access to our various services.

On your home page you have the following features:

1. Recent Posts : You can post your comments/ thoughts/ views/ etc. with your family members through posts. Write whatever you intend to share with your family members in the box below your name and click on the button marked ‘wats up?’. Your post and post by all your family members shall be visible in the box with the heading ‘Recent Posts’.

2. Recent Activities : All the recent activity of you and your family member can be seen by going to the option of Recent Activities.

3. Team up with family members : This feature allows you to invite a person who is added by you in your tree as a family member to merge his and your tree. For sending the invitation you need to select the family member and specify his/her email id. The invitation sent by you needs to be accepted by the family member receiving the invitation. Once the invitation is accepted your Family trees would be merged with each other and you can see each other’s posts and recent activity.

4. Tell a friend : You can tell your friends about Familifile through this feature. Here you need to specify the email id and name of your friend and a message will be sent to your friend from you inviting him/her to join Familifile.

5. : A click on this symbol will show you your profile.

6. : A click on this symbol will help you add your family members to your family tree.

7. : A click on this symbol will enable you to add / edit / delete photo of your family members.

8. Search : At the search box on the top of the page, you can search people. You may search people by name, surname, caste or place (city). You need to specify the criteria of your search by selecting the options from the drop down arrow.

For example if you want to search a person who resides in New Delhi, write New Delhi in search box, select place from the options in the drop down arrow and click on GO. A list of all the persons residing at New Delhi shall be produced as search result. Similarly if you want to search person of a particular caste, mention the name of the caste in the search box, select caste from the options in the drop down arrow and click on GO. A list of all persons of that caste shall be produced as search result.

It is mandatory to specify the criteria of your search without which you will not be allowed to proceed with search.

C. Tree:

1. To start your family tree click on Tree.

2. On tree page a box would appear with your name as Most Senior Member.

Here you can add your family members and make your tree.

Only the following relations of a person can be entered directly through their box: (a)Father, (b)son, (c)daughter, (d)husband and (e)wife. Rest all other additions to the family tree should be routed through the father of the person you intend to add.

Addition to the tree shall be made in the following way:

* Father: To your box add your father.

* Mother: To your father’s box add his wife.

* Brother: To your father’s box add his son.

* Sister: To your father’s box add his daughter.

* Grandfather: To your father’s box add his father.

* Grandmother: To your grandfather’s box add his wife.

3. You can also edit any information (except relation) about any family member and even delete any inactive member from your tree.

4. You can view the profile of any member by a click on the name of that member and even view his family tree.

5. Zoom in and zoom out options allow you to enlarge and shrink your tree as per your need. You can also move your tree to suit your view.

6. You may also take a print of your family tree.

7. Move : While merging family trees, it may be possible that a person may be appearing multiple of times in the merged family tree. In that case, you can delete the repeating inactive user and correct your tree. Now it may happen that the person you intend to delete may have entries below him which will also be deleted along with him. So to avoid any loss of data you can move the entries to that person whom you intend to keep and then delete the repeating name.

For example: On merging two family trees, a person named A appears twice in the merged tree. One A has entries both above and below him while second A has entries only below him. So here you can move the entries below second A to first A and then delete second A to correct your family tree

8. You can give name to your family tree. Please don’t write the words ‘Family’ or ‘Tree’ while giving name to your family tree. These words will be added to your tree name by default.

9. Active user and Inactive user : An active user is an account holder with Familifile while an inactive user is one who doesn’t have an account with Familifile but is a part of the family tree of an active user.

10. You can hide any branch of the tree temporarily from your tree by taking the cursor over the box whose branches you want to hide. When this symbol appears on the box, click the mouse and the branches below would disappear.

11. All Invitations for merging family tree for you would be shown in the red box. You may accept or cancel the invitation.

D. List:

At Familifile we give you the service to create and download list for various purpose from our database (The list shall contain information of those person only whose privacy setting is public):

1. Matrimonial purpose: To create this list you need to select the caste, status and gender (all three) for which you need the list.

2. Blood Group: To create this list you need to select the blood group, city and country (all three) for which you need the list.

3. Telephone Directory: A list for this purpose may be created occupation wise or castewise as per your need. For occupation wise list you need to select occupation and city while for caste wise list you need to select caste and city.

After selecting your purpose and the other options, click on Create List. An excel file will be downloaded with all the requisite information.

E. Family:

1. List : This feature gives you a list of name of all your family members who appear in your family tree with their father’s name, address, contact no. and email ID.

2. Event : Here all the events for the year such as birth dates, marriage anniversaries and death anniversaries are listed out with day and name of the family member. One can view the events of some other year by using the option of ‘Change Year’ and may even view events on a particular date through the option of ‘Go to Date’. Also all the members of the family will receive an email on their email ID as given to us as reminder of the event.

F. Settings:

1. Edit profile : Here you can make changes to your profile.

2. Account settings : Settings such as change of password, change of login ID, change of family tree name, making your tree from start and deactivating your Familifile account can be done here.

3. Privacy settings : Privacy setting enables you to decide what you want public to view in your profile and tree. You can decide what information you want to make public and what information you want only your family members to view.

4. Log out : You can log off your account by choosing this option.