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Familifile is a new initiative in the field of family tree/ family pyramid/vanshawali/ genealogy. Our objectiveis to help you to know your roots (ancestors) and your family members better. Here you can make your own family tree, find your family members and merge your tree with the tree of your family members.

Familifile is the 1st website of its kind which allows you to merge your family tree with the tree of your family member for FREE!!! Merging of Family tree helps you to grow your family tree and to get information of that member of your family with whom you are not in touch. Thus,Familifile helps you to unite with your family members.

Familifile also provides a platform to people to communicate and keep in touch with their family members. You can post your messages/ thoughts/ status to all your family members. Moreover, our event reminder sends a message to all the family members of any event like birthday, marriage anniversary & death anniversary of a family member.


* Make your own family tree.

Today people believe in nuclear families. The children of today’s generation aren’t aware of what a family actually means. Many kids don’t even know their grandparents name. The present generation is unaware of the importance of family and family relations.

We at familifile have taken an initiative to help people to know their families better.

A family tree is a very valuable record of your family members and family history. It helps you to know your roots and gives a variety of information about your family.

Make your own family tree at familifile. You may add as many members to your family tree as you can.

* Merge your family tree with the tree of your family members.

This feature of familifile allows you to merge your family tree with any other member of your family (also a member of familifile). This helps you to grow your tree with ease and convenience.

It happens that you may not know all your family members. The option to merge family trees helps you to know about more and more members of your family and complete your family tree.

* Upload photo of your family members.

Photos speak much more than words….. You can let everyone know about your family members by uploading photos of them.

* Search people by name, surname, caste or place.

For your ease search option has been expanded so as to enable you to search people by name, surname, caste or place.

* Post your thoughts and read posts by your family members..

Tell your family members what’s up with you…… Communicate with your family members by posting messages, thoughts or information on familifile. Your posts can be viewed by your family members with whom you have teamed up.

* Print your family tree.

This feature of familifile is very practical. Anyone who makes a family tree would want it on paper at some point of time to share it with others. So we give you the facility to print your family tree. The size of the tree may be adjusted (zoom in / zoom out) so as to print it comfortably.

* Print list of your family members.

Get a list of all the family members added to your family tree with their father’s name, address, contact no. and email id.You can also take a print of this list.

This facility helps you to get the contact information such as address, contact no. and email id of your family members at one place. All this information gathered at one place is very handy at the time of a family function or get together.

* Know the recent activities of your family members.

Recent activity specifies what changes have been made to the tree, who has made them and when were they made. This helps you to track the development of your family tree.

* Bio-data of each family member.

You are required to fill in certain information about a family member whom you add to your family tree. This information appears as profile of that family member to all.

* Record of various events such as birth dates, marriage anniversaries & death anniversaries of family members.

A user may record family events such as birth dates, marriage anniversaries and death anniversaries of the family members on his / her family tree.

A record on familifile of these events can be viewed by the user whenever he / she likes.

* Reminder emails for the above said events to all family members.

Everyone likes to be wished on special events such as birthday and marriage anniversary. And we are sure you don’t want to forget such events. So an email reminding of the above mentioned events in family would be sent by familifile to all the family members whose email id is available.

* Addition / alteration/ deletion in family tree.

Addition: Adding a member to the family tree is very simple and easy. Rapidly you can add various family members to your tree.

Alteration: Any alteration to the family tree such as editing the profile of any family member or your own can be made easily. You may add information about any family member as and when you gain it.

Deletion: Any family member who is not an active user in your family tree can be deleted from the tree.

You can make any alterations to your tree as per your needs. You may even start your tree from the very beginning if you like.

* Create andDownload list for matrimonial and various other purposes.

The various purpose for which list may be created and downloaded include matrimonial purpose, blood group and occupation or caste wise telephone directory. The list shall be available in excel format for your ease.

One need to select the purpose of list, specify the particulars as demanded and the list is ready.

* And much more……